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  • Fast loans up to £25,000
  • Low-interest starting from 4.9%
  • Repayment up to 7 years

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Author Lloyds Bank. Screenshot of Lloyds Bank website. [Accessed May 17, 2020]

About Lloyds Bank

If you are looking for expert financial assistance combined with trustworthy service then you need not look further than Lloyds Bank.

Since our founding, we have been providing good quality financial products and services including home loans and credit cards to our customers.

Allow us to help you get what you want

Lloyds Bank has become a household name in British communities due to our supportive financial services across Britain over the years. We were founded in 1765 and are now celebrating over 250 years of helping our fellow British citizens get what matters to them most. We offer a variety of financial products and services ranging from savings accounts to fast loans and mortgages to credit cards – whatever kind of financial product you have a hankering for we can help you to satisfy that craving. We place our customers at the centre of our operations because we would be nowhere without our customers. This is why our support staff is available for telephonic, email and in-branch support services. We are here to help you achieve your dreams so do not hesitate to press on our button. Apply today for a better tomorrow.

Switching comes with benefits for you

If you are tired of your bank treating you like another number then make the switch to Lloyds Bank. The entire process is completed safely and securely within seven working days. We handle all the nitty-gritty to make sure that the process is as convenient and easy for you as possible. When you switch to us you will also receive a three-month fee-free overdraft which you can continue to keep after the three month period. We also offer an award-winning mobile banking app and internet banking to allow you to bank on the go as you need. What makes matters better is that you will not only save money with us but you also stand to get money back. Every month thousands of customers receive up to £500 back on their debit or credit purchases. What more reason do you need? Make the switch today and start banking the right way.

Lloyds Bank Services

Many people have the misconception that loans are purely for those in a financial pinch but quick loans can also be used to finance good times in your life.

If you need a vacation with the family or would like to simply better organise your debt, we can arrange the perfect financial package for you.

Get personal with personal loans

Life comes with its fair share of surprises and these surprises come packaged in different boxes – sometimes in the form of an unexpected expense and other times in the form of an opportunity. Whatever the case we can help you to make the most of a good or bad situation with one of our online loans. Lend from £1,000 up to £50,000 repayable over a period of one to five years.

This money can be used to finance whatever your heart desires since personal loans are not restricted to certain expenses. You will not only receive a personalised quote but you will also receive a personalised deal to best suit your past, current and future financial circumstances. Simply complete the easy and convenient online application and get a fast response.

Debt is no longer an issue at Lloyds Bank

There is no shame in having to seek help to better organise your finances. The first step in dealing with any financial problem is to seek help to rectify the situation. One of the best ways to manage your debt is by obtaining a debt consolidation loan. This will allow you to repay all your current debt and only pay a single loan amount monthly.

Before applying you can make use of our online calculator to determine whether or not it will be cheaper for you to apply for a debt consolidation loan or to continue paying your current debts. In most cases, a debt consolidation loan will allow you to save money that can be put to better use in the future. Make the smart choice and consolidate today.

Lloyds Bank Product Details

  • Loan Type Fast loans
  • Interest Rate from 4.9%
  • Loan Amount up to £25,000
  • Repayment 1 year to 7 years

Benefits of Lloyds Bank

  • Qualify for a repayment holiday
  • Make additional payments without extra charge 
  • Online access to your statements
  • Borrow up to £25,000

Finance a better future with Lloyds Bank

Finance can be complicated which is why we strive to make everything related to our finance as simple and convenient for you as possible.

Whether you would like to finance a car or simply need a bit of help contacting us, we have a trick up our sleeve to make finance as easy as pie.

More ‘vroom’ for your buck

A fast loan has many uses and one of these is to finance your dream car. Whether you would like to purchase your first car, upgrade your current model or purchase an additional car we are here to make the process possible. Borrow a maximum of £50,000 with flexible repayment options. You are also able to make additional repayments and early repayments at no extra cost.

Money travels with a bank that moves

Because we try to treat all our customers equally we understand that some customers who live in rural communities might find it difficult to make their way to a Lloyds Bank or even connect via the Internet. This is why we have a mobile branch that travels to numerous rural locations and offers customers a variety of financial options for their everyday banking needs.

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Lloyds Bank is a trusted & reliable provider of fast loans

In our review, Lloyds Bank adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

Lloyds Bank is a registered credit provider in the UK; FCA number 119278

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Lloyds bank has been a tremendous help in getting me out of a bit of a financial crisis. They gave me the loan I needed even though my credit rating wasn't the best.

Rory W
— Dorchester —

If you need a quick loan at a ridiculously affordable rate then Lloyds is for you. They are the best!

Ollie R
— Leeds —

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