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About Wisdom Financial

When you find yourself in a bit of a pinch there is no time to delay – the best option is to deal with the situation before it becomes worse.

What better way to deal with a financial problem than to ask the experts for advice themselves? Wisdom Financial is an expert in lending and can help you out with the fast money that you need to get out of a tight situation.

Why we are the wise choice

At Wisdom Financial, we take lending seriously – we take the time to understand the circumstances that our customers find themselves in. In order to provide the best possible advice and recommend the right loan for our customers, we believe that a thorough assessment of the situation is required. Deciding on a loan is a daunting process which is why we are here to help you decide which financial product is best suited for you. We offer a wide variety of financial products and services to match the needs and preferences of our customers. Because we care about our people we even consider those with less-than-perfect credit scores. Save yourself the frustration, time and money and complete an online application for a bad credit loan with Wisdom Financial. We understand finance and we can help you to achieve exactly what you have been dreaming of.

Secured or unsecured – what is the difference?

While exploring our numerous financial products, you will come across the terminology ‘secured’ and ‘unsecured’ quite often. If you choose to take out a secured loan this means that you will be required to use your property or vehicle as a form of security, or collateral, in order to be eligible to borrow the money. Secured fast loans typically allow borrowers to borrow higher amounts of money at lower interest rates due to the reduced risk of lending to them. An unsecured short-term loan does not require any form of security and allows the borrower to borrow less money with a higher interest rate due to the increased risk. The option that you choose will depend on the type of loan as well as the financial circumstances of the borrower.

Wisdom Financial Services

When you go get your car serviced or your hair cut you expect nothing less than perfection which is why we strive to be just that.

We offer a wide range of affordable, fair and competitive online loans for every situation. No matter what type of circumstances you find yourself in, we will be willing to review your application and help as best we can.

Mayday for payday loans

Some months are a tighter squeeze than others – this is normal for everyone. Unexpected events sneak up on us in the form of a snapped clutch cable, a toothache or a family emergency and there is not always cash readily available to cover these expenses.

This is where a payday loan comes in; a fast little loan to help you regain your composure. Obtain up to £1,000 in financial relief to help carry you over until your next payday. Our payday loans carry no fees and no guarantor is required to apply. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit we will assess your application since we base our approval on affordability instead of credit score. Make the right choice for your financial wellbeing and apply for a payday loan today.

Who is eligible to apply for a Wisdom loan?

Applying for one of our fast loans is simple, convenient and easy. Use your Smartphone, Tablet or personal computer at home, on the go or in the office to complete our quick application. In order to apply, you have to be at least eighteen years of age with full-time or part-time employment.

You also need to be a UK citizen with a UK bank account. It is also required that you have a valid email address and mobile number to make it easier for us to get into contact with you. We are a responsible lender and will not lend more to you than what you will be able to afford. Make a wise choice and apply today.

Wisdom Financial Product Details

  • Loan Type Fast loans
  • Loan Amount up to £20,000

Benefits of Wisdom Financial

  • A loan that suits your budget
  • Minimum documentation
  • Interest rates are low

Financial products and services to smile about

A good leader understands the situation that their customers find themselves in. A wise lender finds a way to make a loan flexible enough to suit those circumstances.

Even if you find yourself in a bad credit situation we are still willing to assess your online loan application and find a way to give you the help that you deserve.

Bad credit doesn’t scare us

It is normal to experience a few financial scrapes and bruises along your economic journey which is why we are not afraid of a bad credit score. Individuals are made up of more than a number which is why we address each individual case with a unique solution. The best part is that our quick loan can help you to improve your credit score to make borrowing easier in the future

No guarantor but guaranteed finance

We understand that borrowing with a guarantor can be a schlep which is why our personal loans do not require one. Less hassle and paperwork for you and us! But, if it would make you feel better, you can still make a guarantor arrangement.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Wisdom Finance is amazing, they offered me an affordable unsecured loan even though I have a bad credit rating.

Ellis K
— Oxford —

Simple and convenient online application. I had my funds the next day!

Roman L
— Cardiff —

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