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  • Loans Bad Credit up to £10,000
  • Low-interest starting from 49.9%
  • Repayment up to 60 months

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About Amigo

At Amigo, we offer guarantor loans to individuals who have bad credit. Every one of our customers deserves to get the financing they need and that is where we come in.

Decisions made by real people

As we have a different lending style, we don‘t just let computers decide if you can borrow. Whether you have bad credit, are self employed, or even if you’re currently unemployed; the most important thing for us is that you have a guarantor, who is a friend or family member who co-signs for you, should you default on your repayments.

Cheapest lending service

As one of the cheapest options for anyone borrowing from £500 up to £10,000 even with a low credit score, we are your trusted lender.

Use your loan amount as you wish

Your loan can be for any purpose, ranging from a car to home improvements, and anything in between. We do not tell you how to spend your finances.

We have won numerous awards, which prove that we are a preferred lender in the UK:

  • Best Credit Builder Product 2017 Winner
  • Best Fast Credit Disruptor UK 2016
  • Treating Customers Fairly 2015 - Winner: Amigo Loans
  • Non-Standard Consumer Lender of the Year 2016

Amigo Services

Among the number of expert financial services we offer, are guarantor loans for people with bad credit.

It is the easiest, most inexpensive method to get the financing you are looking for.

No fees ever

Our customers do not pay for late payments, letters, early settlement or anything else but the agreed interest rate above the principle amount.

Rebuilding your credit

Our guarantor loans can help make your financial future better.

If you repay your monthly repayments as per our agreement, you can easily improve your credit score.

Amigo Guarantor loans - as seen on TV

  • We offer fast and flexible loans for people with bad credit
  • You can borrow up to £10,000 within 24 hours
  • You are able to borrow with a guarantor, no credit scores

What are the best loans for bad credit?

Although there are various loan options available for those with bad credit, which is dependent on your requirements and circumstances, one of the best options in terms of interest rates and repayment options, can be a guarantor loan.

Amigo Product Details

  • Loan Type Loans Bad Credit
  • Interest Rate from 49.9%
  • Loan Amount up to £10,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 60 months

Benefits of Amigo

  • Bad credit loan options
  • Affordable and flexible repayment terms
  • A transparent service with no hidden fees

Amigo offers best guarantor loan for people with bad credit

It is quick and easy to get a guarantor loan from Amigo!

How to apply for a guarantor loan

Firstly, complete and e-signs our five minute application form. Once accepted, a link will be given to your guarantor, who will use it to complete and sign the guarantor section on the online application form.

What’s next?

Both the borrower and guarantor will also be required to fill in a simple, online form stating how much money they earn as well as monthly expenses made. It helps us to provide you with an affordable loan that suits your financial needs.

Quick chat

After the above has been done, we will have a quick chat with both people to confirm the details and make sure they understand the terms and conditions of the guarantor loan. We always aim to pay out all loans within 24 hours of the guarantor being accepted.

What are the borrower requirements?

Our minimum requirements are that you must be a UK resident aged between 18 and 75. You should not be on an active bankruptcy, IVA or equivalent and you need to meet the affordability requirements for the loan amount you wish to apply for.

Please note that a guarantor loan requires you to have a friend or family member who trusts you to be your guarantor.

We look beyond credit scores

Why are we a preferred UK lender because at Amigo Loans? Because we do not judge your loan application based on your credit score.

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Amigo is a trusted & reliable provider of loans bad credit

In our review, Amigo adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

Amigo is a registered credit provider in the UK; FCA number 708284

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Amigo understands that people with bad credit are a risk but still willing to help us out. They don't charge you penalties and your interest rate is actually very affordable. Helped me get back o...

Laverne B
— Reading —

Great finance provider, they don't limit what you use your loan amount for - I could get the gaming console I wanted!

Garrett D
— Leeds —

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