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  • Personal loans up to £1,000
  • Low-interest starting from 292%
  • Repayment up to 3 months

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About Quick Quid

When you need quick quid in your pocket to cover your monthly shortfall or pay for an unexpected expense it is easy to get the cash that you require.

Available loans can be both secured and unsecured depending on your needs and how much you want to borrow. Loan terms on our online personal loans range up to 5 years with very easy to manage customisable repayment options. Our payday loans allow you to borrow up to £1000 by completing the online application form available on our website.

10 minutes till the quid is in your account

Once you have applied and your personal online loan application has been approved the quid will be paid into your bank account within 10 minutes.  The fact that you can apply any time of the day or night is what makes our loans so convenient, we know that emergencies can occur at any time so our service is always available. Applying online means there is no need to visit a branch or need to wait in long queues for hours.

Everything is processed and done online, no paperwork and no annoying invasive questions.

24/7 customer support service

If you need a little assistance along the way our customer support service is available 24/7 our experts are there to offer expert assistance or address any of your concerns.

First-time clients can borrow up to £1000

If this is the first time that you are applying for a personal loan through our service we will allow you to borrow up to £1 000 while if you are a returning client you may borrow up to £15 000.

Quick Quid Services

Applying for a loan through our service is a very unique experience not only do our consultants help you every step of the way, but they use their many years of experience in the field to bring clients exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Our personal loans are all about the speed at which we can get you your cash.

From the moment that you apply to the moment your cash is paid into your bank account the process is simple and speedy.

Apply online in 3 easy steps

When you need a loan and you need it in a hurry, simply log onto our website and complete the online application form using your personal details.

There are online loan calculators available on our website that can be used to help you determine how much you can afford to borrow and pay back very easily.

Follow these easy steps to apply for one of our online personal loans:

  1. If you are a first-time client apply for a short-term loan of up to £1 000 directly from our website. Returning clients may borrow up to £1 500
  2. If your loan application is approved the money will be paid into your account within 10 minutes
  3. Choose your repayment terms. Select 1, 2 or 3 pay period options depending on your budget

It really is that simple.

Quick Quid Product Details

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate from 292%
  • Loan Amount up to £1,000
  • Repayment 30 days to 3 months

Benefits of Quick Quid

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans

Get the cash you need fast with Quick Quid

Let QuickQuid help put the power back into your hands with one of our online personal cash loans. Once you have completed the online application form, we will verify your details and make sure that your bank account is active and that your details are correct.

If everything checks out, we will send you an email letting you know that your loan has been approved and the money will be paid into your account within 10 minutes.

Information required in order to apply for one of our online personal loans

The system will require you to provide the following information when applying for one of our fast cash loans. Please ensure that this information is correct so that we can process your application quickly and get you the cash that you need.

Please supply the following:

  • Your address so that we can identify you
  • Your employment information including contact numbers. Our consultants won’t contact your employer, we use a 3rd party to verify your employment details
  • Your current finances and monthly expenses. This information will determine if you are able to afford a loan or not
  • Bank account information. Once your loan has been processed and approved we will need this information in order to deposit the money into your bank account

This quick process allows us to get you the cash that you require in 10 minutes.

Design your repayment terms

Our bad credit loans allow you to design your own repayment terms to make paying your loan back even easier. Choose between 1,2 or 3 pay period options.  Then decide how you would like to make payments on your loan.

Select between setting up a direct debit to run automatically on your account or link your debit card to make payments simple and make sure that you never miss a payment on your loan. You will need to set up your preferred payment method before the money from your loan can be deposited into your account.

Contact us at Quick Quid today so that we can get you the quid you need quickly.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

They really are quick in getting you your quid! The fast online application and fast payout were a dream come true.

Grant F
— Belfast —

Affordable and easy, their customer service center was very good at answering my questions.

Ireland A
— Leicester —

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