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About The Growth Company

We are accountable to the GMSA (Manchester Combined Authority as well as the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership.

Our panel also consists of three GMSA nominees, five private sector affiliates and private sector chairperson.

About our commitment to inclusive growth

Our main drive is to empower growth through the creation of jobs, to improve the lives of individuals and being supportive of businesses and people in the communities that we operate in through the offering of business finance and related services.

Growth Company has a passion for providing innovative solutions that will improve skill, employment and investment.

Our board explained

Our board is secured by three advisory boards thru external affiliations that are selected and approved by The Growth Company Board.

The Advisory Boards conceal the three main business areas of the establishment: Growth Company has four subordinate boards which maintain legal, compliance obligations for respective legal entities.

The Growth Company Services

We target some the communities across Greater Manchester and beyond and some of the communities that are hardest to reach and provide personal finance services. 

The Growth Company assists businesses to better their procurement and employment practices so that they can become more inclusive.

The Steering group

Although inclusive growth is essential to all the services and business loans Growth Group delivers, we know that as an ‘anchor institution’ we’re able to play an even bigger role in helping and shaping the future of the places we fund. As a result, all that we do as a provider and a business in our own right, we are confident that we deliver wider benefits to small businesses in and around communities.

We are driven towards excellence

We have a steering group that drives this approach we’re proud to say that they have brought together representatives from more than a thousand personnel who are spread approximately over forty sites; this level of focus has brought change to our procurement practices as well as employment and continues to put emphasis on reducing our environmental impact.

The Growth Company Product Details

  • Loan Type Business Loans
  • Repayment 1 year to 5 years

Benefits of The Growth Company

  • Funding to help your business grow
  • Skills and development

Turn to The Growth when you are looking for a business loan with a difference

Our commitment to inclusive growth gives us first-hand knowledge that we translate into practical support for the businesses we work with who recognise that being more inclusive will help them boost productivity and profitability.

This support enabled the company to move employees from zero-hours contracts to guaranteed minimum hours, as well as implement a new pay structure mapped to roles and responsibilities. They are recruiting staff to fill a number of new operational roles across the business with the aim of 10 employees coming from the local area.

We are proud that we make a difference every day

Our Director for Low Carbon, Todd Holden, is proud to work for an organisation that’s committed to making a difference to people and businesses every day with operational support and business finance assistance. He discusses what we’re doing to promote inclusive growth, and explains what your businesses can do to become more inclusive.

Register for a fully-funded audit below to learn how your business can grow with new technology or register as a technology provider to support the projects we deliver.

Are you a manufacturer?

If you are a North West based SME Manufacturer and want to invest in new digital technology or upskill your staff so that they can use them, you could be eligible to receive support including:

  • Face-to-face tailored support, advice and skills training
  • Grant Funding for digital technology projects
  • Student Placements to support and bolster your workforce

Are you a digitalisation technology provider?

If you are a Digital Technology provider and want to work on the projects we support, then register to join the supplier ecosystem, its easy simply apply online. Once your online loan application has been reviewed and accepted, you will become a registered delivery partner for the programme.

As a delivery partner, you can help us to support Manufacturing SMEs to increase the adoption of Industrial Digitalisation Technology (IDT) and drive UK growth.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Their name says it all, they really helped me grow my business!

Beck C
— Hull —

A reliable finance provider for anyone needing a good business loan or other financing.

Lotus J
— Manchester —

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