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  • Experienced leaders
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending starting from £25,000
  • Repayment up to 3 years

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About Bitbond

Bitbond offers peer to peer lending that gives individual investors access to profitable interest rates and a host of benefits.

And borrowers get small business loans quickly with lower interest rates than traditional lenders and banks currently offer, not to mention other benefits and features that simply make borrowing better.

Global market for small business loans

We have created the first global market for small business loans that is not made possible through conventional banking systems. Traditional lending simply does not satisfy the requirements of all borrowers. At the same time, investors are seeking better investment opportunities. This is where our peer to peer lending system really makes a different.

We serve small businesses – globally

Bitbond has invested in state of the art technology that makes it possible for us to leverage and connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors. Investors can now reach investment opportunities that might not have been within their reach previously.

The values of Bitbond

The one belief that we hold is that a trustworthy and established financial system is built on three pillars.

We believe that all stakeholders involved need to be held accountable for what they do and the same principle applies to us.

Not only is it one of our values but we put it into practice and thus, you can expect the best available level of transparency about our peer-to-peer loans and services at all times.

We ensure that our financial products are transparent and trustworthy by keeping it simple.

Bitbond Services

The global peer to peer lending market for small business loans that we offer allows borrowers to have access to funds that are provided by lenders or otherwise investors.

Borrowing and investing has never been as simple, and as straightforward

With a more holistic approach to lending services, we are transforming the industry with our innovative peer to peer lending system.

Get a loan to grow your business

  • Borrow up to $25,000 starting from as little as 1% monthly
  • Quick loans available for eBay sellers and online businesses
  • Terms from six weeks to three years
  • Available in many countries

International investment opportunities

  • Earn 13% interest with bitcoin lending
  • All borrowers credit checked by Bitbond
  • Diversify your portfolio globally
  • Convenient automate investments with AutoInvest

Investment options

Investors can either choose the business or personal loans they would like to fund manually or they can use our convenient AutoInvest tool.

AutoInvest lets creates investment preferences in an automated way.

Portfolios are diversified as investors are able to invest across many different countries.

We aim to make investing and financing globally accessible.

Key stats

  • 100,000+ users
  • 1,900+ funded loans
  • $3,000,000+ loan volume

Bitbond Product Details

  • Loan Type Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Loan Amount from £25,000
  • Repayment 6 weeks to 3 years

Benefits of Bitbond

  • Settlement and custody bonds
  • Peer-to-peer lending

The platform that makes your money grow!

Investors can gain access to our profitable marketplace and earn an expected return of 13% per annum, growing your wealth in the quickest time possible.

Lenders also have the opportunity to help fund small business owners located in over 120 different countries while spreading risk and maximising your returns. It is a business lending concept that is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Reputable and reliable borrowers

Our dynamic team takes all the hard work out of finding feasible investment opportunities by accurately assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers. Thus, lenders are guaranteed that the borrowers we accept are reputable and reliable.

Why invest with Bitbond?

  • Expected return of 13% pa.
  • No investor fees
  • Diversify an international investment portfolio
  • Help entrepreneurs from around the world grow their business
  • Use our AutoInvest tool to save time and earn high returns

Expert peer to peer lending platform

Since 2013, we have helped fund 1,300 peer-to-peer loans and have brought lenders and borrowers together to both gain access to profitable marketplace lending. Simply join Bitbond today to start earning today.

Other benefits

High-yield earnings
Investors have the opportunity to earn substantial profits of interest rates are around 20% and your expected rate of return is 13%.

Register as an investor
Simply enter your name and email, fund your account and start lending in seconds.

Fund international entrepreneurs
By investing in our investment opportunities, you are able to diversify your portfolio internationally and help small business owners grow their business.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When we found out that our landlord intended on selling the apartment we’ve been renting, we were stressed for time and funding. Bitbond was completely understanding of our situation and provided...

Daniel H
— Canterbury —

Bitbond helped us through a difficult situation. The amount we applied to borrow was paid into our bank account two days after we submitted our application. Awesome people! Awesome company!

Gabrielle M
— Dundee —

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